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Anderlecht – PSG

Anderlecht does not show much effort in the Champions League and so far in the second group of the race, the team lost their two games with 3:0. In the next two rounds, Rangelt accepts first and then visits PSG, perhaps the toughest rival in the group.

Benfica – Manchester Utd

At the start of the season, Benfica was nominated as the favorite in the group with Manchester United, but after two rounds, the Portuguese lost both matches and are currently on the bottom before the toughest opponent. In all competitions, Benfica won only 2 of its last 7 games.

Juventus – Real Madrid

This will be a worthy end of the season, at a worthy stadium located in the Dragon Land, which also gives a romantic breath to the main European football club match.

Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid


Real Madrid is one foot in for the final stage of Champions league after the clean home victory 3:0 and Atletico Madrid will throw themselves with everything they have to the city rival Real Madrid.  Star in the last game was Cristiano Ronaldo with a hat-trick and now the team will count once again for new decisive victory.

Juventus – Monaco

The Italian leader is meeting Monaco in their second game for semi-final stage of Champions league. The team from Torino is the only European team that has a chance for all 3 competitions (Champions League, Seria A, Italian Cup).  They are almost certain Italian champions and tonight will be decided will they have the chance to play final for Champions league.

Monaco – Juventus

Monaco and Juventus are going up in direct dispute for the dream comeback in final of Champions League. This will be a clash between one of the best attacks in the tournament against the best defense. The french team has scored more than 2.5 goals in their last 7 games and their offensive playstyle has beaten Pep Guardiola Manchester City and the tough team of Borussia Dortmund.

Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid

Real Madrid meets up  Atletico Madrid in the epic derby of Semi-final for the Champions League.  The hosts will face the well-known rival Atletico Madrid on “Santiago Bernabeu” proposing a lot of football emotions for the fans in their 1st game of the tournament.   Real Madrid has kicked off Atletico in the last three editions of the most commercial competition when twice of this has happened on the final.