Real Madrid – Barcelona

The most anticipated football clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona once again spans the entire planet. “White” and “Blue-Red” are meeting “Santiago Bernabeu” in a dispute in the 33rd round of La Liga, which will answer a question: will there be an intrigue in the battle for the title in Last circles. Zinedine Zidane’s team flies on the wings of inspiration after eliminating Bayern Munich in the Champions League, while Luis Enrique is injured after the in vain thievery against Juventus.

The big topic before the super-scandal in the Spanish capital is the fate of Neamar. Camp Nou has refused to surrender in spite of the sanction imposed and Nei Junior travels with the Madrid team. It is curious to see if the Brazilian shooter will still be on the pitch and whether it will be at the cost of official loss. The bureaucratic confusion in the kingdom, the chaos in Barcelona’s club offices and the “blue-red” stubbornness against power are proverbial. It is very likely that the whole world will witness not only a football show but also a show that will grow into a circus and end in court.

Leaving aside the possibility of non-soccer to prevail over football, we focus again on the game. Zinedine Zidane almost completely cleared his lineup. His only hesitation is whether the splendid in the last few weeks, Isko, would replace the restored Gareth Bale. If yes, Madrid will win in the middle of the pitch. Otherwise, Zizu will increase the power, speed and altitude of the attack. Casemiro will balance the team in the midfield, and unstoppable Daniel Carvahal and Marcello will cut the flanks with lightning raids and centering.

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The guests camp is wondering whether or not to replace Neimar. Paco Alcasser is a very offensive option, and Arda Turan has no practice in the last month. Dennis Suarez and Andre Gomes seem reasonable, though none of them is a wing. Luis Enrique is faced with the dilemma of what the game is: 4-3-3 or 3-4-3. The first option is more likely due to the strength of Madrid on the flanks. Very important will be the performance of Messi and Luis Suarez, as well as how precise Sergio Buscakes will be in his moves.

Again and again, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will have an indirect dispute as to who is the better. The Portuguese entered a wonderful goal series in April and rubbed his hands for the duel with Barca. The Argentine is the goal leader this season, and he also does not stop giving gorgeous goals.

Despite the different starting positions, the two teams, as always, go straight to draw and everyone will look for the victory. Everyone will chase her, but the Barcelona team is leaning against the wall and forced to win, otherwise all the efforts during the season will be in vain and a month before the end the Catalans will almost certainly be doomed to failure. Prediction – DRAW (2:2) – @4.00 in Bet365

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